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For Victoria to worship

Sheikh Abd-ur-Rahman is persuaded, somewhat against his will, to climb down into the pit at Nimrud where a huge stone head. He has no doubt about what he sees:

'This is not the work of men's hands, but of those infidel giants of whom the Prophet, peace be with him, has said that they were higher than the tallest date tree; this is one of the idols which Noah, peace be with him, cursed before the flood. But in the name of the Most High tell me what you are going to do with these stones. So many thousands of purses spent upon such things! Can it be, as you say, that your people learn wisdom from them? Or is it that they are to go to the palace of your Queen, who with the rest of the unbelievers worships these idols?'

Quoted Marjorie Caygill Treasures of the British Museum, British Museum Publications 1985, pages 46-8

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