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town besieged

The prophet Ezekiel hears the voice of the Lord, displeased with the Jews, prophesying the destruction which he will bring upon Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians:

'The city of Jerusalem, lay siege to it; erect watch towers against it, raise a siege ramp, bring battering rams against it all round. ... The trumpet has sounded and all is ready, but no one goes out to war. Outside is the sword, inside are pestilence and famine; in the country men will die by the sword, in the city famine and pestilence will carry them off. They will go in sackcloth, shuddering from head to foot, with faces downcast and heads close shaved. They shall fling their silver into the streets and cast aside their gold like filth; their silver and gold will be powerless to save them. I will treat their jewels like filth, I will hand them over as plunder to foreigners and as booty to the most evil people on earth, and these will defile them. ... Clench your fists, for the land is full of bloodshed and the city full of violence. I will let in the scum of nations to take possession of their houses.'

Ezekiel, chapters 3-7

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