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Abelard and Héloïse: c.1115-1118

Abelard is a teacher of brilliant reputation, in his mid thirties, when he joins the staff of Notre Dame in Paris in about 1115. One of the cathedral clergy, Canon Fulbert, has a niece who is widely agreed to be of exceptional intelligence. He persuades Abelard, twice her age, to accept her as a student.

The story of Abelard and Héloïse becomes one of history's most famous love affairs due to its romantic beginning, its tragic end and the survival of letters between them.

The couple secretly marry when Héloïse gives birth to a child. Her uncle's revenge when he discovers the scandal is dramatic. He hires thugs to seize and castrate Abelard.

Héloïse is sent to a convent at Argenteuil, of which she becomes prioress; she later moves, also as prioress, to another convent, the Paraclete, founded by Abelard near Nogent-sur-Seine. Abelard becomes a Benedictine monk immediately after his emasculation, but he continues to lead a busy life as a controversial teacher and author.

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