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Alexander Nevsky

Alexander, a prince of the Russian royal house, acquires his fame and his name from a great victory in 1240. Fighting on behalf of the independent city of Novgorod, he defeats the Swedes in that year in an engagement on the frozen river Neva (hence the name Nevsky).

Warfare on ice is among his particular skills. Two years later he repeats the achievement, again on behalf of Novgorod, when he overwhelms the Teutonic Knights on the frozen surface of Lake Peipus.

With Russia's powerful enemies to the east Alexander adopts a more propitiatory stance. As a willing vassal of the khan of the Golden Horde he becomes in 1252, with Mongol support, the grand prince of Vladimir.

Alexander's descendants, inheriting the status of grand prince, move their headquarters from Vladimir to Moscow. They wisely follow his somewhat abject policy of cooperation with the Mongol invaders until such time as they are strong enough, in 1480, to cast off the yoke.

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