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Flora Macdonald: 1746

Bonnie Prince Charlie (the only possible name for him in this romantic part of his story) reaches the Outer Hebrides in June 1746, in his attempt to escape the British army and the numerous agents who are tracking him down after his disaster at Culloden. The prince finds these outer islands full of people on the lookout for him, eager for the promised reward. Skye, he is told, would be safer. But how to get there? Every boatload leaving any of the islands is rigorously checked.

His aides discover a 24-year-old woman, Flora Macdonald, who is visiting from Skye. She is persuaded to include the prince in her party. He is disguised in a blue and white frock as Betty Burke, an Irish spinning maid.

The little party makes the sea crossing safely and the prince eventually reaches France. When his escape becomes known, suspicion falls on Flora. She is arrested and is sent briefly to the Tower in London.

Flora emigrates to North Carolina in 1774 but returns in 1790 to Scotland. She dies in Skye in 1790, in the bed occupied by her bonnie prince during his brief stay on the island.

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