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  Assyria timeline
c. 2400 BC
The rich trading city of Mari, on the Euphrates, is an important centre in northern Mesopotamia        
2000 BC
The god Ashur is worshipped at a shrine on the Tigris known by his name (the origin of the word Assyria)        
c. 1750 BC
Shamshi-Adad I conquers Ashur and the surrounding areas, beginning Assyria's first brief period as a regional power        
c. 1750 BC
Zimri-Lim builds himself a spectacular palace with some 300 rooms in his capital city of Mari in northern Mesopotamia        
c. 1740 BC
Shamshi-Adad I conquers the rich and ancient kingdom of Mari, and puts on the throne his son Yasmah-Adad        
c. 1700 BC
Hammurabi, in the process of winning control over the whole of Mesopotamia, conquers the northern territories of Mari and Ashur