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  Pericles biography timeline
c. 495 BC
Pericles is born in Attica, the son of distinguished parents and the great-nephew of Cleisthenes       
c. 465 BC
Pericles is one of a radical group in Athens, eager to curb the reactionaries controlling the Areopagus, and hostile to Sparta       
464 BC
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An earthquake in Sparta leads to an uprising by the helots, who take up a defensive position on Mount Ithome       
463 BC
Sparta appeals to its allies for help against the helots, and Athens - against the wishes of Pericles and his group - sends an army       
462 BC
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With the army away, Pericles introduces full democracy for all Athenian citizens, enabling them to vote and participate in the administration of the state       
c. 462 BC
Sparta causes offence in Athens by dismissing the Athenian army without using them against the helots