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  Ancient Athens timeline
c. 1100 BC
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
Athens, not reached by the invading Dorians, becomes a surviving outpost of Mycenaean civilization       
c. 630 BC
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The Areopagus, named from the hill on Athens where it meets, is the council through which the nobles keep power in their own hands      
c. 625 BC
Hereditary aristocrats hold nearly all political power and own most of the land in Attica     
c. 600 BC
The free smallholding peasants of Attica fall increasingly into debt, compelled to pay a sixth of all their produce to a creditor     
594 BC
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Solon is elected archon in Athens, immediately cancelling the debts of the peasants of Attica and making it illegal to enslave a debtor      
534 BC
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Thespis, traditionally considered the first actor, wins the drama competition in Athens