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  Renaissance timeline
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Nicola Pisano completes a pulpit for Pisa, borrowing details from Roman sarcophagi - an early example of a new interest in the classical past      
c. 1300
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The Italian communes employ powerful leaders, or signori, in a trend which leads away from oligarchy and towards princely rule       
c. 1300
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The bankers of northern Italy develop a method of accountancy - double-entry book-keeping - which will have lasting significance      
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Dante, a member of the White faction in Florence, is sentenced to death by the Blacks - and never returns to his native city       
c. 1305
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Enrico degli Scrovegni employs Giotto to paint the cycle of frescoes in his chapel in Padua        
c. 1307
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Dante, in exile from Florence, begins work on The Divine Comedy - completing it just before his death, 14 years later       
Dante, from fresco by Giotto
Mary Evans Picture Library

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