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  Incas timeline
c. 1000
The Inca ethnic group migrates into the region of the Cuzco valley in Peru       
After a decisive victory over the Chanca people, a young Inca prince seizes the throne in Peru and takes the name Pachacuti       
c. 1440
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Cuzco, city of the Incas, grows rapidly in power after Pachacuti ('transformer of the earth') becomes emperor       
c. 1450
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The massive architecture of the Incas, consisting of finely dressed irregular blocks of stone, becomes a feature of Cuzco       
Masonry in Cuzco
Photograph Josceline Dimbleby
c. 1450
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The most sacred of the Inca divinities, Punchao, is symbolized by a great golden disc representing the sun      
The Chimu empire in Peru is conquered by the Incas under the leadership of Pachacuti's son Topa