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  Habsburgs timeline
c. 1020
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Count Radbot builds himself a 'hawk's castle' or Habichstburg, near Zurich, from which the Habsburg dynasty takes its name       
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The period without a German king, known as the Great Interregnum, ends with the election of a Habsburg prince, Rudolf I       
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At Dürnkrut Rudolf I defeats and kills Otakar II, his rival for Austria - thus bringing the Austrian territories into the Habsburg domain       
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The Swiss forest districts of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden sign an Everlasting League (in the Rütli meadow) to resist Habsburg domination        
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The Swiss, defeating the Habsburgs at Morgarten, make lethal use of their halberds - designed to jab, grapple and slash       
c. 1350
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William Tell, a figure of legend, epitomizes the struggle of the Swiss farmers against their feudal overlords, the Habsburgs        
William Tell, 19th-century colour print
Mary Evans Picture Library

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