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  French art timeline
c. 31,000 years ago
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Rhinoceroses, lions and mammoth feature on the walls of the Chauvet cave, in southern France     
Rhinoceros in the Chauvet cave

c. 800
The script known as Carolingian minuscule (basis of the modern roman typeface) is developed by Alcuin and his scribes at the monastery of Tours      
c. 816
Work begins in Rheims on the Utrecht Psalter, an outstanding example of the Carolingian illuminated manuscript       
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Halley's comet, appearing in the Normans' annus mirabilis, is later depicted in the Bayeux tapestry        
c. 1080
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Work begins on the story of the Norman conquest, narrated in embroidery in the Bayeux tapestry      
c. 1150
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The biblical kings and queens in the west porch of Chartres cathedral are a striking early example of Gothic sculpture       
Chartres Cathedral, figures round north door
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