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  Italian literature timeline
c. 1260
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A new form of poetry is written in northern Italy, described later by Dante as a sweet new style - the dolce stil nuovo       
c. 1274
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Dante, aged nine, is overwhelmed by the beauty of Beatrice - a child a year younger than himself who later becomes his poetic inspiration      
c. 1307
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Dante, in exile from Florence, begins work on The Divine Comedy - completing it just before his death, 14 years later       
Dante, from fresco by Giotto
Mary Evans Picture Library

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Petrarch glimpses Laura in a church in Avignon and falls helplessly in love with her - or so he tells us      
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A laurel wreath is placed on the brow of Petrarch in Rome, in a renewal of interest in the classical world      
Petrarch by Andrea di Bargilla, fresco, c.1450
Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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c. 1349
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Boccaccio begins his Decameron, supposedly the stories told by young Florentine men and women sheltering from the Black Death