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  World History timeline
1945  April 30
Anglo-US Fascist William Joyce ('Lord Haw Haw') makes his final English broadcast from Hamburg      
1945  May 1
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In the Berlin bunker, on the day after Hitler's death, Goebbels arranges for his six children to be lethally injected, and himself and his wife to be shot       
1945  May 2
The German general commanding Berlin, Karl Weidling, surrenders the city to the Allies      
1945  May 4
British general Bernard Montgomery receives the surrender of German forces in the north and west of Europe      
1945  May 5
The citizens of Prague, and other cities in Czechoslovakia, rise against the Germans as the Red Army approaches from the east     
1945  May 7
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The unconditional surrender of all German forces is accepted at Eisenhower's headquarters      
1945  May 8
World War II ends in Europe on V-E day (Victory in Europe day)      
1945  May 23
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Heinrich Himmler, escaping in disguise, takes poison when he is identified      
1945 June 21
The Sudetenland is restored to Czechoslovakia, seven years after its transfer to Germany under the Munich Agreement       
1945 June 22
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After a ferocious three-month battle, Okinawa is in US hands      
1945 July 3
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The four Allied powers (USA, UK, France, USSR) provide occupation forces for separate zones of Austria, Germany and Berlin       
1945 July 16
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US scientists succeed in exploding an atom bomb at Alamogordo, a test site in the New Mexican desert       
1945 July 17
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Truman, Stalin and Churchill meet for a summit conference in Potsdam        
1945 July 26
Narrative history in HistoryWorld    
The Japanese emperor Hirohito argues the case for surrender but fails to persuade the military      
1945 July 26
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The British electorate dismisses Winston Churchill, giving the Labour party and Clement Attlee a landslide victory       
1945 July 26
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Winston Churchill, losing the postwar general election in Britain, has to yield his seat at Potsdam in mid-conference to Clement Attlee        
1945 August 6
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An atom bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, destroying four square miles of the city and killing 80,000 people       
1945 August 8
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The USSR declares war on Japan, two days after an atom bomb has been dropped on Hiroshima        
1945 August 9
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A second atom bomb is dropped from a US plane, this time over Nagasaki       
1945 August 12
The Japanese in Korea surrender to the Russians in the north and to the Americans in the south      
1945 August 14
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The emperor Hirohito, on the first occasion that his people have heard his voce, declares on radio that defeat must be accepted      
1945 August 15
Narrative history in HistoryWorld   
TheAllies celebrate V-J Day – victory over Japan and the end of the war     
1945 August 15
A death sentence for the 89-year-old Vichy leader Philippe Pétain is commuted by de Gaulle to life imprisonment