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  World History timeline
1944 August 1
Members of the Polish resistance rise against the Germans in Warsaw, in a conflict lasting two months and bringing massive casualties     
1944 August 4
The hiding place in Amsterdam of Anne Frank and her family is discovered by the Gestapo      
1944 August 15
The Seventh US army, commanded by Alexander Patch, opens another front with a landing on the French Riviera      
1944 August 19
George Patton gets a division of his Third US Army across the Seine southeast of Paris      
1944 August 19
Barricades are built in the streets as Parisians stage an impromptu uprising against the Germans     
1944 August 24
Tanks of the Second French Armoured Division are the first of the Allies to enter and liberate Paris      
1944 August 24
Romania changes sides to fight with the Red Army against Germany      
1944 August 26
General de Gaulle walks down the Champs Elysées, and then on to Notre Dame, to massive aclaim       
1944 September
Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat in Budapest, saves thousands of Jews from extermination      
1944 September 3
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British forces liberate Brussels and on the next day reach Antwerp      
1944 September 8
The first V-2 rocket lands on London, killing three people in Chiswick      
1944 September 8
The first of many thousands of war brides arrive in Canada, mainly from Great Britain     
1944 September 8
Bulgaria changes to the Allied side and Communists take control in Sofia      
1944 September 20
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Douglas MacArthur lands US troops on Leyte as the first step in recovering the Philippines        
1944 September 25
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7500 British troops, trapped on the far side of the Rhine at Arnhem, are captured by the Germans      
1944 October 7
Delegates from 39 nations meet at Dumbarton Oaks, near Washington DC, to plan the future United Nations       
1944 October 11
Hungary signs an armistice with the USSR     
1944 October 18
Athens is liberated and the Greek government-in-exile returns, with George Papandreou at its head      
1944 October 25
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Japanese pilots fly the first of World War II's suicide or kamikaze missions      
1944 October 25
Victory over Japan in a massive 2-day battle at Leyte Gulf assures US recovery of Philippines      
1944 November
Tito and his partisans, with Soviet assistance, liberate Belgrade      
1944 November 7
President Roosevelt, although seriously ill, is elected for a fourth term with Harry S. Truman as his vice-president        
1944 November 24
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American B-29 bombers take off from the newly captured Saipan on the long trip to bomb Tokyo       
1944 November 28
Allied bombs destroy the strategic bridge in Thailand over the River Kwai, built by the Japanese using prisoners of war as slave labour      
1944 December 3
Civil war breaks out in Greece between rival groups of partisans resisting demobilization     
1944 December 18
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The Germans stage a counter-attack in the Ardennes region before being pushed back in the Battle of the Bulge     
1944 December 21
With Budapest still in German hands, the Soviets set up a provisional Hungarian government, at Debrecen      
1944 December 26
The Soviet army surrounds the Hungarian capital, Budapest     
1945  January
Allied bombing of Berlin forces Hitler to take refuge in his underground bunker