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  World History timeline
1941 September 16
With British and Russian support, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi succeeds his deposed father as shah of Iran       
1941 September 27
Patrick Henry, the first of the US Liberty ships, is soon followed by more than 2700 others, built at record speed      
1941 October 16
Japanese emperor Hirohito appoints Tojo Hideki as the country's prime minister       
1941 October 16
Adolf Eichmann, in an official letter about policy in relation to the Jews, uses the phrase 'the final solution'       
1941 November 13
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The British aircraft carrier Ark Royal is sunk by a U-boat in the Mediterranean       
1941 December
Enigma is now being decoded fast enough at Bletchley to give the Allies advance warning of German plans      
1941 December 5
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The German advance is held just short of Moscow as winter arrives      
1941 December 7
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In three adapted vans at Chelmno, in western Poland, the Germans begin using poison gas to kill Jews       
1941 December 7
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Without warning, 400 Japanese planes attack and destroy US warships at anchor in Pearl Harbor      
1941 December 8
Within hours of Pearl Harbor, Japanese aircraft attack the Philippines and destroy half the available US planes      
1941 December 10
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Japanese planes sink the British battleship Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser Repulse off the coast of Malaya        
1941 December 13
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Bulgaria signs the Anti-Comintern Pact and joins the war on Germany's side      
1941 December 19
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Italian frogmen enter the harbour at Alexandria and cripple two British battleships     
1941 December 25
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Hong Kong surrenders to an invading Japanese force      
1941 December 28
Burmese politician Aung San raises a Burma Independence Army in Thailand to support the imminent Japanese invasion of his country       
Yitzhak Shamir becomes leader of the terrorist Stern gang in Palestine