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  Cleopatra timeline
323 BC
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
In the carve up of Alexander the Great's empire, Ptolemy wins Egypt and founds the Ptolemaic dynasty – with himself as the pharaoh Ptolemy I       
Ptolemy I in Egyptian style, c.290 BC
British Museum

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69 BC
Cleopatra, destined to become the last ruling pharaoh as Cleopatra VII, is born in Egypt – the daughter of Ptolemy XII       
51 BC
Ptolemy XII dies, leaving Egypt to his young son, now Ptolemy XIII, and to his older daughter Cleopatra        
48 BC
Civil war breaks out in Egypt between Ptolemy XIII and his sister Cleopatra, each scheming to become sole ruler       
48 BC
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Julius Caesar defeats his rival Pompey at Pharsalus, in Greece, and makes himself master of the Roman world