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  France timeline
c. 31,000 years ago
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Rhinoceroses, lions and mammoth feature on the walls of the Chauvet cave, in southern France     
Rhinoceros in the Chauvet cave

c. 4000 BC
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A passage grave with a superb corbelled dome is constructed on the Île Longue off the southern coast of Brittany      
121 BC
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The Romans establish a province in the south of France, still acknowledged in the name Provence      
102 BC
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The Roman general Gaius Marius defeats the Teutones, a German tribe which has made deep inroads into southern Gaul       
58 BC
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At the end of his year as consul, Caesar travels north to become governor of northern Italy and southern France        
58 BC
Julius Caesar begins the long slow process of pushing Roman occupation steadily northwards in France (or Gaul)