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  Vietnam timeline
207 BC
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A delegate from imperial China establishes the kingdom of Nam-Viet with himself as king     
c. 1150
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The city of Angkor and the great temple of Angkor Wat are created by the Khmer dynasty in Cambodia       
Angkor Wat
Photograph Josceline Dimbleby
1941  May 19
The Vietminh is founded as a guerrilla force to liberate Vietnam from the Japanese, and Ho Chi Minh soon emerges as the leader       
1945 August 19
With the surrender of the Japanese, Vietminh guerrillas seize the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi      
1945 September 2
Ho Chi Minh proclaims the democratic republic of Vietnam, independent of the colonial power, France      
The Indochina War breaks out in Vietnam between the French colonial forces and the Vietminh