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  Sculpture timeline
c. 25,000 years ago
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A Stone Age sculptor shapes a timeless image of female fecundity in the famous Willendorf Venus     
The Venus of Willendorf, c. 25,000 BC
Natural History Museum, Vienna

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c. 3100 BC
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The pharaoh Narmer celebrates a victory with a sculpted relief showing his personal dominance over the enemy      
c. 3000 BC
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The sculptors of the Cyclades produce stylized and formal figures, mainly female, in white marble     
c. 2500 BC
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The largest sculpture of the ancient world, a sphinx with the face of the pharaoh Khufu, is carved in situ at Giza       
Photograph Josceline Dimbleby
c. 1340 BC
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One of the regular sitters to the court sculptor Thutmose is the pharaoh's wife, Nefertiti       
c. 1000 BC
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Massive stone heads carved by the Olmecs provide a dramatic beginning to the story of American sculpture       
La Venta, giant head
Photograph Beryl Pethick