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Roanoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina, is settled by the first English colonists in America – with disastrous results      
c. 1585
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The English artist John White paints the everyday life of the Secotan Indians of America      
A new group of English settlers arrives at Roanoke Island and makes a second attempt at a settlement       
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Virginia Dare becomes the first English child to be born in America, on Roanoke Island      
An English ship, the first to arrive at Roanoke Island since 1587, finds no remaining trace of the settlers or their settlement     
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Colonists establish the first lasting British settlement in the new world, at Jamestown      
American neighbour of the Jamestown settlers, 1612
National Archives, Kew

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John Smith claims (many years later) that when captured by Indians he was saved from execution by Pocahontas, daughter of the chief       
Map of Virginia featuring an image of Pocahontas, 1608
National Archives, Kew
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Henry Hudson reaches the inlet of New York Bay and explores the river now known by his name      
The American Indian princess Pocahontas is taken hostage by Jamestown colonists in the first Anglo-Powhatan war       
Pocahontas is baptized a Christian and marries John Rolfe, one of the Jamestown colonists