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c. 35,000 years ago
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Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers use mammoth tusks and bones to support hide-covered tents at Dolni Vestonice (in the Czech Republic)       
c. 27,000 years ago
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In the earlist known example of ceramics, humans at Dolni Vestonice model figures in burnt clay       
Venus figurine from Dolnic Vestonice, about 27,000 years old
Moravian Museum in Brno

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c. 500
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The Czechs are the most powerful of the various Slav tribes by now settled in Bohemia        
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The missionary brothers Cyril and Methodius arrive in Moravia, where they introduce the Greek Orthodox faith in a special Slavonic liturgy        
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Wenceslas, a prince of the Premsylid family, is murdered on his way into church - and becomes Bohemia's patron saint       
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The Bohemian prince Otakar II, ruler also of Austria, extends his territories after defeating the Hungarians at Kressenbrunn      
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Charles IV, king of Bohemia, German king and Holy Roman emperor, makes Prague a glittering centre of learning and architecture      
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Anne of Bohemia, the wife of Richard II, dies of plague at Richmond and in his distress the king orders the palace to be demolished See in Google maps   
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John Huss, known for his radical approach to Christianity, is put in charge of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague       
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A council is called at Constance, to consider the radical views of John Huss and to deal with the present excess of popes