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Pocahontas fascinates Londoners when she arrives with her husband to publicize Jamestown       
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John Smith publishes A Description of New England, an account of his exploration of the region in 1614       
1620 September 16
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The Pilgrims (or Pilgrim Fathers), a group of 102 English settlers, sail in the Mayflower to the new world       
1620 November 11
Ten days after their first landfall, at Cape Cod, the adult males on the Mayflower agree a form of government for their new colony       
1620 December 26
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The Pilgrims on the Mayflower select a place for their settlement, and give it the name of Plymouth, their port of departure in England       
William Bradford begins a journal of the Pilgrims' experience in New England, subsequently published (in 1856) as History of Plymouth Plantation       
1621 autumn
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The Mayflower settlers in Plymouth offer thanksgiving for their first harvest, eating turkeys in a celebration shared by local Indians       
William Bradford, one of the Pilgrims from the Mayflower, is elected governor of the new Plymouth Colony       
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A sudden attack by Powhatan Indians, led by their chieftain Opechancanough against the English colony at Jamestown, results in the death of more than 300 settlers       
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John Winthrop, appointed governor of the new Massachusetts Bay Company, sails from England with 700 settlers