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c. 1450
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The caravel, a sailing ship developed in the Mediterranean and used down the west coast of Africa, is adapted by the Portuguese for Atlantic use      
A Portuguese navigator discovers some of the Cape Verde islands, tropical and at that time uninhabited      
Portuguese settlers arrive to found Cidade Velha, on the Cape Verde island of Santiago        
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Bartolomeu Dias, sailing for the king of Portugal, becomes the first European navigator to round the Cape of Good Hope       
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Pope Alexander VI draws a line through the Atlantic, dividing new discoveries between Spain (west) and Portugal (east)      
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In negotiations about the New World at Tordesillas, the king of Portugal insists on a new demarcation line which later brings him Brazil     
Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sets sail from Lisbon to explore to the south of the New World      
Francis Xavier, companion of Ignatius Loyola and the first missionary of the Counter-Reformation, sets sail from Lisbon       
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Brazil becomes a Portuguese royal province, under the control of a governor general     
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Luis de Camoëns publishes The Lusiads, the poem which becomes Portugal's national epic