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  Museum of Richmond
A Bronze Age warrior loses his weapon in the Thames c. -500
 St Bruno founds Carthusians 1084
 Henry V establishes a Carthusian monastery at Shene 1414 Model of Shene Charterhouse
Museum of Richmond
 Henry VII rebuilds Shene Palace and calls it Richmond 1501 Model of Richmond Palace
Museum of Richmond
 English king plunders monasteries 1536
 Queen Elizabeth dies in Richmond Palace 1603
 Battle of Edgehill 1642
 Cromwell to lead Commonwealth 1649
 Parliament sells Richmond Palace, most of which is demolished for building materials 1650
 Monarchy restored in England 1660
 Bishop Duppa presents two flagons, with other silver, to the parish of Richmond 1661 Silver flagons, 1661
Museum of Richmond
Leonard Knyff paints the view looking downstream from Richmond Hill c. 1720 Knyff Terrace and View, c.1720
Museum of Richmond
 Richmond Bridge opens, costing a halfpenny to walk across 1777
 Edmund Kean succeeds as Shylock 1814
Edmund Kean plays Richard III in the Theatre Royal, Richmond 1818
Edmund Kean gives his snuff box to an admirer 1821 Kean's snuff box, showing him as Richard III
Museum of Richmond
 Kean collapses on the stage of Covent Garden, playing Othello, and dies a few weeks later 1833
 Fox Talbot exposes negative 1835
 Fox Talbot patents calotype 1841
 George Hilditch makes the Richmond riverside his special subject c. 1842
 George Hilditch paints the view up the river towards Richmond Bridge c. 1843 Hilditch, Richmond from Cholmondeley Walk
Orleans House Gallery
 The railway reaches Richmond, and two years later crosses the Thames 1846
 George Hilditch paints the riverside at Richmond from beneath the new railway bridge c. 1849 George Hilditch, View from the Railway Bridge
Orleans House Gallery
 George Hilditch exhibits twenty images in the medium which now excites him, photography 1852
 George Hilditch places his camera on Richmond Bridge c. 1853 George Hilditch, Richmond Bridge, c.1853
Richmond Local Studies
 George Hilditch photographs the riverside at Richmond from the Twickenham bank c. 1853 George Hilditch, Richmond Riverside, c.1853
Richmond Local Studies
 Fred Topham, in Kew, invents a machine for spinning thread from viscose c. 1895 Topham's Box, c.1895
Museum of Richmond
An automobile show is presented in Richmond, four years ahead of the first national Motor Show 1899 Automobile Show poster, 1899
Museum of Richmond
 Britain's first Motor Show 1903
 Samuel Courtauld & Co buys Kew Viscose and develops its product as rayon 1904
 World War I begins 1914
 Rationing introduced in Britain 1917
 World War I ends 1918
Richmond's local paper takes delivery of professional equipment c. 1920 Compositor's desk, c1920
Museum of Richmond
 World War II begins 1939
 Ration book enters British life 1940 Cardboard wedding cake, 1943
Museum of Richmond
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Cameron Brodie acquires uniforms for his wartime duties 1941