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 AA - Automobile Association
 AAA - Amateur Athletic Association
 Aachen - and Charlemagne's chapel
  - and Alcuin
  - congress in 1818
 Aaron - and the Hebrew priesthood
 Aaron of Lincoln - financier
 abacus - origins
  - in architecture
  - in the form of the exchequer
 Abako - in Belgian Congo
 Abbas, al- - ancestor of the Abbasids
 Abbas I - khedive of Egypt
 Abbas I, shah of Persia
  - and Hormuz
 Abbas II - khedive of Egypt
 Abbas, Ferhat - Algerian nationalist
 Abbasid caliphate
 Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet - Sheffield
 Abbey Dore
 Abbey National
 Abbey Road (London)
  - and EMI
 Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
 Abbotsford - and Walter Scott
  - brief description
 Abbotsholme - and Bedales
 Abbot's Kitchen - Glastonbury
 Abd-al-Malik - and the dinar
 Abd-al-Rahman I - Umayyad dynasty in Spain
 Abd-al-Rahman III - caliph of Cordoba
 Abd-el-Kader - amir of Mascara
 Abd-el-Krim - and the uprising of 1921-6
 abdication crisis (1936)
 Abdul-Aziz - sultan of Turkey
 Abdul-Hamid II - sultan of Turkey
 Abdullahi ibn Mohammed - the Khalifa
 Abdurrahman Khan, amir of Afghanistan
 Abel, Frederick - and James Dewar
 Abel, Karl Friedrich - and J.C. Bach
 Abelard - and Heloïse
  - and scholasticism
 Abele - sunk by baka attack
 Abensberg - battle in 1809
 Aberdeen Angus (cattle)
 Aberdeen (city)
 Aberdeen, Lord - prime minister of Britain
  - brief biography
 Aberfan - disaster in 1966
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