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 Treasury of Atreus - at Mycenae
 Treatise on Human Nature - by Hume
 Treatises on Midwifery - by Smellie
 Treblinka - death camp
 trebuchet - in siege warfare
 Treinta y Tres - of Lavalleja
 Trekboers - in South Africa
 Trelawny of the 'Wells'
 Trelissick, Cornwall
 trench warfare - in World War I
 Trent - council in 1545
  - and the Clementine Vulgate
 Trent (river)
 Trent Bridge (cricket ground)
 Trentino - promised to Italy in 1915
 Trenton, battle of - in 1776
 trepanning or trephination - in early medicine
  - in the Neolithic and Bronze Age
  - in Roman Empire
  - at Waterloo
 Tresco (Abbey Gardens)
 Tresham, Francis - Gunpowder Plot
 Très Riches Heures - of duke of Berry
 Trevelyan, G.M.
 Trevithick, Richard
 Treves, Sir Frederick - drains Edward VII's appendix
  - amputation and infection
  - surgeon in First World War
 trews (the term)
 Trial of the Pyx
 triangular trade - in slaves
 Trianon - treaty of 1920
 tribunes - in Roman republic
 Tribute Money - in the Brancacci Chapel
 tricolour - in France in 1789
 Trident (jet airliner)
 Trieste - promised to Italy in 1915
  - ceded to Italy in 1919
 trifle (pudding)
 Trilby (du Maurier)
 Trimble, David - the northern Irish peace process
  - Ulster Unionist party
 Trinder, Tommy
  - and Britain
  - seized by Britain in 1797
 Trinity - and Arius
 Trinity - by Masaccio
 Trinity College, Dublin - Catholics admitted
  - Wilde and Carson
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