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 thoroughbred - in horse racing
  - brief account
 Thoth - Egyptian god
 Thousand and One Nights **
  - and Baghdad
 Thousand Buddhas - caves at Dunhuang
 1,000 Guineas (classic race)
 Thousand-Year Reich - and Hitler
 Thrace - in Persian empire
 Thrale, Mr and Mrs - and Johnson
 thread - spinning of
 Threadneedle Street (London)
 Three blind mice
 three-field system - in medieval agriculture
 Three Choirs Festival
 three-day event (equestrian)
 three-line whip - British politics
 Three Men in a Boat
 Threepenny Opera - and Beggar's Opera
 three Rs
 Throckmorton, Francis - plot of 1583
 Through the Looking-Glass (Carroll)
  - survives the plague in 430 BC
 Thule - described by Pytheas
 Thunderbirds (puppet series)
 Thunderer - The Times
 Thutmose - Egyptian sculptor
 Thutmose I - Egyptian pharaoh
  - inscription near Abu Hamad
 Thutmose II - Egyptian pharaoh
 Thutmose III
  - and the battle of Megiddo
  - and glassmaking
 Thuwaini - inherits Muscat and Oman
 thyrsoi - and followers of Dionysus
 Tiahuanaco - ancient Andean city
 Tiamat - in Mesopotamian creation story
 Tiberius - Roman emperor
  - position within the imperial family
  - related items
 Tiberius Gracchus - Roman tribune
  - tour through time
  - spread of Buddhism
 Tibetan language - and its script
 Ticehurst House - private lunatic asylum
 Tichborne Dole and Claimant
 Ticino - Italian Swiss canton
 Ticonderoga - in French and Indian War
  - recovered by British in 1759
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