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 pantomime (in Britain)
 Panufnik, Andrzej
 Paolo and Francesca - in the Inferno
 Paolozzi, Eduardo - pop art
  - tour through time
  - founded on the 'rock' of Peter
  - and feudalism
 Papa Doc - in Haiti
 papal infallibility - dogma of 1870
 Papal States - origin in the 8th century
 Papen, Franz von - German chancellor
  - writing, painting, printing
  - and drawing
 paper money - in the Song dynasty
  - described by Marco Polo
 Papin, Denis
 Papineau, Louis - rebellion of 1837
 Papplewick Pumping Station
  - and Bible translation
  - and Britain
 Papworth (hospital)
  - related items
 Paracelsus - and hydrogen
  - the doctrine of signatures
 Parachute Regiment (in British army)
 Paradise Lost - by Milton
  - brief account
  - and John Martin
 Paradise Mill - early mechanization
 Paradise Regained - by Milton
  - brief account
  - tour through time
  - and the Jesuits
  - revolution of 1811
 Paraguayan War - of 1865-70
 parallel lines - in Vauban's siege tactics
 Parallel Lives - of Plutarch
 Paralympic Games - and Stoke Mandeville
 Paraná - capital of Argentina in 1854
 Parcham - political party in Afghanistan
 Paré, Ambroise
  - experience as military surgeon
  - and story of multiple births
  - describes podalic version
  - studies birth defects
  - on surgery and the law
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