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 Mint, Royal
 Minton pottery and porcelain
 Minuit, Peter - and New Amsterdam
 minuscule - in manuscripts
  - Carolingian
 minute hand - on watches
 minutemen - at Lexington
 minutes - first use in timekeeping
  - in multiples of 60
 miquelet - Spanish flintlock
 miracle plays - in the Middle Ages
 Mir Jafar - nawab of Bengal
 Mirror, Daily
 Mirrour of the World - and Caxton
 Miss and Mrs (in Britain)
 'missed the bus' - Hitler in 1940
 missing link - in evolution
 missionaries (British)
 Missionary Travels - by Livingstone
 Mississippi - Jolliet and Marquette
  - La Salle
  - statehood in 1817
  - and the Confederate states
 Mississippi Bubble - of 1720
 Missolonghi - and Byron
 Missouri - Japanese surrender in 1945
 Missouri - statehood in 1821
  - and the Civil War
 Missouri Compromise - of 1820
 Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy (Hockney)
 Mrs Dale's Diary (radio)
 mistletoe - and druids
  - and Christmas
 Mistra - medieval Sparta
 Mitchell, George - Irish peace process
 Mitchell, Reginald - and the Spitfire
 Mitchell Library - Glasgow
 Mitchell-Smith, Molly - potter
 Mitford family
 Mithraism - in the Roman empire
  - from the Euphrates to London
  - in Britain
  - related items
 mitmakuna - in the Inca empire
 Mitre (the tavern)
 Mitre, Bartolomé - president of Argentina
 mitre lock - in canals
 Mitridate, ré di Ponto - by Mozart
 Mits'iwa - and Egypt in the 19th century
 Mitterand, François - and Rwanda in 1990
 Mkapa, Benjamin - president of Tanzania
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