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 melodrama (in British theatre)
 Melos - invaded by Athens in 416 BC
  - discovery of Venus of Milo
 Melrose (abbey)
 Melton Mowbray - and Stilton
 Melun - and diptych of Jean Fouquet
 Melville, Andrew - church in Scotland
 Memphis - in ancient Egypt
  - captured by Assyrians
  - captured by Persians in 525 BC
 Menai Strait
 Mencap (charity)
  - theory of inheritance
  - and St Matthew Passion
  - Fingal's Cave
 Mendès-France, Pierre - and Tunisia
  - brief biography
 Mendips (Somerset)
 Mendoza, Daniel - champion prize-fighter
 Menelaus - in the Trojan War
 Menelik - supposed son of Solomon
 Menelik II
 Menem, Carlos - president of Argentina
 Menes - Egyptian pharaoh
 Mengistu Haile Mariam - Ethiopian dictator
 Meninas, Las - by Velazquez
 Menin Gate - at Ypres
 Menkure - Egyptian pharaoh
  - and the pyramids
 men-midwives - in early modern period
  - in 18th century
  - ridiculed in 18th century
  - and the case of Mary Toft
  - the influence of William Hunter
 Mennonites - and Anabaptists
 Mensa (IQ group)
 Mensheviks - from 1903
  - final defeat by Lenin
 mental defectives - extermination by NAZIs
  - and sterilisation
 Mental Deficiency Act - and institutional care
 mental illness - as feature of everyday life
  - de-institutionalised
  - exterminated under Adolf Hitler
 Mentmore Towers
 Mentuhotep II (sometimes numbered I) - Egyptian pharaoh
 Menuhin, Yehudi
 mercantile theory - in the 17th century
 Mercator, Gerardus - cartographer
  - and map projection
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