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 jingoism - the original outbreak
  - brief account
 jiva - in Jainism
 jizya - abolished by Akbar
  - reimposed by Aurangzeb
 Joachimsthaler - Bohemian coin
 Joan I - queen of Naples
  - tour through time
  - and Villon
 Joan the Mad - Spanish heiress
 Jock (the term)
 Jockey Club
 Jodhpur - the fortress and palace
 jodhpurs (origin)
 Jodrell Bank
 Joffre, Joseph - World War I commander-in-chief
 Jogaila - Lithuanian name of Jagiello
 Johanan ben Zakkai - and the yeshiva
 Johannesburg - in the Boer War
 John, duke of Berry - son of Charles V
 John, king of England
  - in Dublin in 1210
  - brief biography
  - and Rockingham Castle
 John, St - disciple of Jesus
  - and the Gospels
 John I - king of Portugal
 John II - king of France
  - and Poitiers
 John II - king of Portugal
 John III - king of Portugal
  - and Brazil
 John III - king of Sweden
 John III Sobieski - king of Poland
  - and the relief of Vienna
 John IV - emperor of Ethiopia
  - and Eritrea
 John IV - king of Portugal
 John VI - regent of Portugal from 1799
  - as regent in Brazil
  - returns to Portugal in 1821
 John XII, pope - crowns Otto I emperor
 John XXIII, 15th-century pope - council of Constance
 John XXIII, 20th-century pope - and Geoffrey Fisher
 John, Augustus
  - and Camden Town Group
 John, Elton - and Doc Martens
 John, Gwen
 John Albert - and the Polish sejm
 John of Arderne - Medieval English surgeon
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