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 coffee - brief account
 coffee houses - in 17th-century London
 cofferdam - pioneered by Romans
 Coffin, Walter - coal pits in Rhondda
 Coga, Arthur - and blood transfusion
 Coggan, Donald
 Coggeshall Grange Barn
 Cogidubnus - British chieftain
  - Fishbourne Roman Palace
 cogito ergo sum - and Descartes
 Cognac - league of 1526
 Cohen, Jack - Tesco
 Coimbra - as capital of Portugal
 coins - first struck in Ephesus
  - first cast in China
 Coke, Edward
  - Englishman's home
 Coke, Lady Mary - and White Lodge
 Coke, Thomas - Holkham Hall
 Coke of Norfolk - and improved farming
  - brief biography
 Cola di Rienzo - tribune of Rome
  - and Montreal d'Albarno
  - and Gibbon
 cola nuts - in African trade
 Colbert, Jean Baptiste - finance minister of Louis XIV
  - and Fouquet
  - and the Académie des Sciences
 Colchester - and Claudius in AD 43
  - temple to the deified Claudius
  - sacked by Boudicca
  - as Roman municipality
  - brief history
 Cold Comfort Farm
 Coldstream - and the Restoration
 Coldstream - regiment from 1650
 Coldstream, William - Euston Road School
 Cole, Henry - and Christmas cards
 Cole, John - Florence Court
 Cole Pottery - set up by Pleydell-Bouverie
 Coleraine - and the city of London
 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
  - and Christ's Hospital
 Colet, John - and Erasmus
  - St Paul's School
 Coligny, Admiral - St Bartholomew's Day
 Coliseum (London theatre)
 College of Arms
 Colline Gate - battle in 82 BC
 Collingwood, Admiral
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