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 Baccarat Scandal
 Bacchae - tragedy by Euripides
 Bacchus - in The Lusiads
 Bacchus and Ariadne - by Titian
 Bach, C.P.E. - son of J.S. Bach
  - and Frederick the Great
 Bach, J.C. - son of J.S. Bach
  - brief biography
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
 Bach, Maria Barbara - and J.S. Bach
 backbencher (in parliament)
 backgammon - board found at Ur
 Bacon, Francis - and the essay
  - impeached in 1621
  - brief biography
 Bacon, Francis (painter)
 Bacon, Roger - and medieval science
  - and lenses
  - brief biography
 Baconian theory
 bacteria - 3500 million years ago
  - observed by Leeuwenhoek
  - definition
  - the first antibacterial drug
 bacteriology - and ideas about life and death
 Bactria - and the Seleucid empire
 Bactrian camel - domestication
 Bactrian Greeks - in India
 Badajoz - in the Peninsular War
 Baden - treaty of 1714
  - and the Confederation of the Rhine
  - and the German empire
 Baden-Powell, Robert - at Mafeking
  - brief biography
 Bader, Douglas
 Badley, John - and Bedales
 Badme - incident in 1998
 badminton (the game)
 Badminton House
 Badoglio, Pietro - succeeds Mussolini in 1943
 Badshahi Mosque - Lahore
 Baedeker raids
 Bagamoyo - Burton-Speke expedition
 Bagaza, Jean-Baptiste - in Burundi
 Bagehot, Walter
 Baghdad - founded in 762
  - and the Abbasid caliphs
  - and the Arabian Nights
  - and alchemy
  - school of translators
  - and paper
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