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 William (Richmal Crompton)
 William I - duke of Normandy
 William I - prince of the Netherlands
 William I, king of England
  - brief biography
  - and Durham
  - and Edward the Confessor
  - Lincoln castle
  - New Forest
  - Rockingham
  - Tower of London
  - Windsor Castle
 William I, king of Prussia - and Bismarck
  - and the defeat of Austria in 1866
  - and the Ems telegram
  - as German emperor
 William II - king of England
  - brief biography
  - Council of Rockingham
 William II, German emperor - and Victoria
  - resignation of Bismarck
  - uprising in South West Africa
  - visits Tangier in 1905
  - forced to abdicate in 1918
  - as alleged war criminal
 William III - king of England
  - stadholder
  - and the Grand Alliance
  - and the Church of Scotland
  - and the Dutch style in England
  - brief biography
  - maze at Hampton Court Palace
  - at Sherborne Castle in 1688
 William IV - and the Reform Bill
  - brief biography
  - and Kensington Gardens
 William IV of Orange - marries Anne
 William V of Orange - Dutch stadholder
 William IX, duke of Aquitaine - troubadour
  - grandfather of Eleanor of Aquitaine
 William IX of Hesse-Kappel - and Rothschild
 William Louis - stadholder
 William of Norwich - in 1144
 William of Orange
 William of Rubruquis - and Karakorum
 William of Wykeham - and Winchester
 William the Aetheling - death in White Ship
 William the Lion - and Henry II
  - brief biography
  - and Rockingham Castle
 William the Pious - and Cluny
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