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 White's (club)
 White Ship - wrecked in 1120
  - brief account
 Whites and Blacks - in Florence
 White Tower - Tower of London
 Whithorn (place of pilgrimage)
 Whitman, Marcus - and the Oregon Trail
 Whitney, Eli - and the cotton gin
 Whittington, Dick
 Whittle, Frank
 Whitworth, Joseph
 Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester
 Who Dares Wins - SAS
 Who killed Cock Robin?
 whooping cough - and folk remedies
 Who's Who (in Britain)
 Whymper, Edward
 Widdicombe Fair (ballad)
 Wigan (town)
 Wight, Isle of - and Charles I
 Wightman Cup - lawn tennis
 Wigmore Hall (London)
 Wigornia creamboat - Worcester porcelain
 Wilberforce, Soapy Sam - and evolution
 Wilberforce, William - abolitionist movement
  - born in Hull
  - brief biography
 Wilcken, Anna Magdalena - and J.S. Bach
 Wilde, Oscar
  - Aesthetic Movement
  - and Enniskillen
  - in Patience
  - on Burke's Peerage
  - tomb in Paris
 Wilde, William - and the chloroform scandal
 Wilderness Road - built by Daniel Boone
 Wilhelmina, Queen - to England in 1940
 Wilhelm Tell - by Schiller
 Wilkes, John
 Wilkins, Maurice - DNA
 Wilkins, William
  - Bury St Edmunds
  - Dalmeny House
  - National Gallery
  - St George's Hospital,
 Wilkinson, John - and machine tools
  - and boilers for Watt
  - and an iron barge
 Willendorf - the Venus figurine
 Willes, John - bowling roundarm in cricket
 William (Richmal Crompton)
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