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 Through the Looking-Glass (Carroll)
  - survives the plague in 430 BC
 Thule - described by Pytheas
 Thunderbirds (puppet series)
 Thunderer - The Times
 Thutmose - Egyptian sculptor
 Thutmose I - Egyptian pharaoh
  - inscription near Abu Hamad
 Thutmose II - Egyptian pharaoh
 Thutmose III
  - and the battle of Megiddo
  - and glassmaking
 Thuwaini - inherits Muscat and Oman
 thyrsoi - and followers of Dionysus
 Tiahuanaco - ancient Andean city
 Tiamat - in Mesopotamian creation story
 Tiberius - Roman emperor
  - position within the imperial family
  - related items
 Tiberius Gracchus - Roman tribune
  - tour through time
  - spread of Buddhism
 Tibetan language - and its script
 Ticehurst House - private lunatic asylum
 Tichborne Dole and Claimant
 Ticino - Italian Swiss canton
 Ticonderoga - in French and Indian War
  - recovered by British in 1759
  - captured by Americans in 1775
 tidal power - in the 11th century
 Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista
 Tierra Firme - the isthmus of Panama
 Tiger Moth (biplane)
 Tigre - famine in 1984
  - famine in 1994
 Tigre People's Liberation Front - in Ethiopia
 Tigris - and Mesopotamia
 Tijou, Jean
  - ironwork at Hampton Court
 Tikal - Mayan temple city
  - site of first dated Mayan stele
 Tilden, Philip - and Chartwell
 Till Death Us Do Part (TV series)
 Tiller Girls
 Tilley, Vesta
 Tilly, Johann von - Bavarian general
  - victory at Lutter
 Tilsit - treaty of 1807
  - and duchy of Warsaw
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