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 St Albans - sacked by Boudicca
  - as Roman municipality
  - battle in 1455
  - brief account of town
 St Andrews - and John Knox
  - brief account of town
 St Asaph (cathedral town)
 St Bartholomew's Day - massacre in 1572
 St Bartholomew's Hospital - founded in London
 St Bartholomew's Hospital - in 16th century
 St Bartholomew the Great (church)
 St Benedict of Avis - order of knightood
 St Bride's (church)
 St Catherine's, Sinai - Orthodox monastery
  - and icons
 Sainte Chapelle - in Paris
  - and stained glass
 St Christopher's Hospice - established
 St Clair, Arthur - at the Maumee river
 St. Clair-sur-Epte - feudal grant to Normans
 St Clement Danes (church)
 St David's (cathedral town)
 St Denis - the abbey church
  - and Gothic sculpture
 Saint Domingue - and Toussaint L'Ouverture
 St Dunstan's (charity)
 St Fagan's Castle - Welsh Folk Museum
 St Gabriel - flagship of Vasco da Gama
 St George - marble statue by Donatello
 St George's Chapel (Windsor)
 St George's Hospital (London)
  - the first appendectomy
 St Germain - treaty in 1919
 St Giles' Cathedral
 St Gotthard - Alpine pass
 St Helena - and the English
  - and Napoleon
  - and Britain
 St Ives (town)
  - Leach Pottery
 St James's Palace
 St James's Park, London
 Saint Joan (Shaw)
  - and Villon
 St John Ambulance Association - in 1877
 St John Ambulance Brigade - in 1887
  - brief account
 St John Lateran - in Rome
 St John of Jerusalem, Knights of
 St John Passion - by J.S. Bach
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