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 Smith, Adam
  - and the Scottish Enlightenment
  - brief biography
  - 'nation of shopkeepers'
 Smith, Augustus - Tresco Abbey Gardens
 Smith, F.E.
 Smith, George Joseph - brides in the bath
 Smith, Harry - Orange River Sovereignty
 Smith, Ian - prime minister of Rhodesia
 Smith, John - and the founding of Virginia
  - and New England
  - brief biography
 Smith, John - leader of the Labour party
  - brief biography
 Smith, John - Landmark Trust
 Smith, Joseph - consul in Venice
 Smith, Joseph - Mormon leader
 Smith, Matthew (painter)
  - slipware
 Smith, Sidney - Tate Gallery, Millbank
 Smith, Stevie
 Smith, Sydney
 Smith, W.H. (company)
 Smith, William - architect
 Smith, William - geologist
  - brief biography
 Smithfield Market, London
 SmithKline Beecham
 smog (in Britain)
 smoke signals - and American Indians
 Smolensk - falls to Germans in 1941
 Smollett, Tobias
 Smuts, Jan
  - in World War I
 Smyth, John - and the Baptists
 Smythe, John - personal armour
 Smythe, Reginald - and Andy Capp
 Smythson, Robert
  - Hardwick Hall
  - Longleat House
  - Wollaton Hall
 Snakara, Thomas - in Burkina Faso
 snakeroot - in traditional medicine
 Sneferu - Egyptian pharaoh
 Snettisham (Norfolk)
 snob - as an international word
 snooker (the game)
 Snorri Sturluson
 Snow, C.P.
  - and corridors of power
 Snow, John - and cholera epidemic in London
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