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 Sandown Park (racecourse)
 sandwich (edible)
 Sandwich (golf course)
 Sandwich, Lord - and Wilkes
 Sandycombe Lodge - Turner in Twickenham
 Sanger, Frederick
 Sanger, Frederick - develops DNA sequencing
  - jailed for opening contraceptive clinic
 Sangha - Buddhist order of monks
 Sanguinetti, Julio María - in Uruguay
 Sanhedrin - court of the high priest
  - Sadducees and Pharisees
 San Ildefonso - treaty in 1796
 sanitary engineers - in Roman Empire
 San Jacinto - engagement of 1836
 Sankoh, Foday - and the RUF
 San Lorenzo - architecture
 San Marco - lock in Milan
 San Marco, Florence - and Fra Angelico
 San Martín, José de
 San Miguel - Spanish settlement in Peru
 San Salvador - and Columbus
 sans-culottes - in French Revolution
 Sansepolcro - and Piero della Francesca
 Sanskrit - literature
 Sans Souci - summer palace of Frederick II
 San Stefano - Russo-Turkish war of 1877-8
 Sant'Angelo - Roman bridge
 Santa Anna, Antonio López de
 Sant'Apollinare Nuovo - in Ravenna
 Santa Costanza - early church mosaics
 Santa Cruz - battle in 1657
 Santa Cruz, Andrés - in Bolivia and Peru
 Santa Fe - founded in 1610
 Santa Fe Trail - Missouri to New Mexico
 Santa Maria - flagship of Columbus
 Santa Maria, Cape - and Diogo Cam
 Santa Maria da Vitória - abbey in Portugal
 Santa Maria del Carmine - Brancacci Chapel
 Santa Maria della Grazie - and Leonardo
 Santa Maria della Vittoria - Cornaro chapel
 Santa Maria in Vallicella - and Rubens
 Santa María la Antigua - in Darién
 Santa Maria Maggiore - Christian mosaics
 Santa Maria Nuova - hospital construction
  - in 16th century
 Santa Maria Rotunda - or Pantheon
 Santander, Francisco de Paula
 Santa Pudenziana - early Christian mosaics
 Santa Sophia - Justinian's church
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