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 SDP - in Britain in 1983 and 1987
  - brief account
 sea beggars - and the capture of Brill
 Seabury, Samuel - in Aberdeen
 Seacole, Mary
 Sea Fever (Masefield)
 seafloor spreading - in plate tectonics
 Sea Lion - code name for invasion of Britain
 Sealyham - terrier
 Seaman's Hospital Society - and floating hospitals
 Sea Peoples - destruction of Mycenae
  - destruction of Hittite empire
  - and Egypt
  - and the Philistines
 seaside piers (in Britain)
 seaside postcards (in Britain)
 Seasons, The - by Haydn
 SEATO (Southeast Treaty Organization)
 Seaton Delaval Hall
 Sebastian - king of Portugal
 Sebastopol - in the Crimean War
  - captured by Germans in 1942
 Secani - or Gypsies
 Secombe, Harry
 Second Coalition - in 1798-9
 second best bed - to Anne Hathaway
 Second Folio - of Shakespeare's plays
 Second Intermediate Period - in ancient Egypt
 Second International - founded in 1889
 Second Mrs Tanqueray
 seconds - in multiples of 60
  - first use in timekeeping
 Secotan - and Roanoke Island
 Secretary of State (in Britain)
 secret ballot - and the Ballot Act of 1872
 Secret Garden (Burnett)
 Sedan - battle in 1870
  - river crossing by Germans in 1940
 sedan chair - in 17th century
 Seddon, Professor - Peripheral Nerve Injury Centre
 Sedgemoor - battle in 1685
 Sedgwick, Adam - geologist
  - geological periods
 Segesta - Greek temple
 Segontium (Caernarfon)
 Ségou - and Mungo Park
 Segrave, Henry
 segregation - in south USA from 1870s
 Sehzade mosque - in Istanbul
 sei-i-tai-shogun - Japanese military title
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