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 Ruskin, John
  - and Arts and Crafts Movement
  - Grosvenor Gallery
 Russell, Bertrand - on Rwanda in 1963
  - brief biography
  - Reith lectures
 Russell, Lord John - and the Reform Bill
  - in Lord Aberdeen's government
  - brief biography
 Russell-Cotes Art Gallery - Bournemouth
 Russell of the Times - in the Crimea
  - and the light brigade
  - brief biography
  - thin red line
  - tour through time
  - early postal system
  - Estonia and Latvia
 Russia, invaded by Napoleon - article by R. Galley
 Russian-American Company - in Alaska
 Russian calendar - and Peter the Great
 Russian Orthodox metropolitan - Moscow
 Russian Social-Democratic Worker's Party
 Russian script - and Peter the Great
 Russkaya Pravda - Russian code of laws
 Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5
 Russo-Turkish wars - 1768-92
 Rustichello - ghost writer to Marco Polo
 Rutherford, Ernest
  - Cavendish Laboratory
 Rutherford, Margaret
 Ruthwell (Dumfries)
 Rütli meadow - Everlasting League
 Ruyter, Michiel de - Dutch admiral
 Rwabugiri - king of Rwanda
 Rwagasore, Prince - in Urundi
 Rwandan Patriotic Front - formed in 1987
 Rydal Mount - Wordsworth
 Ryder Cup (golf)
 Ryle, Martin
  - Cavendish Laboratory
 Rysbrack, John Michael - British sculpture
 SA - and Hitler
 SAA - in the Ivory Coast
 Saar - plebiscite in 1935
 Saardam - and Peter the Great
 Saba - ancient kingdom in Arabia
 Sabin, Albert - develops polio vaccine
 Sabine farm - of Horace
 Sacagawea - Lewis and Clark expedition
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