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 Robert I, king of Scotland
  - brief biography
 Robert II - king of Scotland
  - brief biography
 Robert III
 Robert le Bougre - inquisitor
 Robert the Bruce
  - campaigning for his brother in Ireland
  - brief biography
 Robert Curthose - and Henry I
 Robert the Englishman - and early clocks
 Robert of Geneva - Clement VII
 Robert the Strong - and the Capetian dynasty
 Robert Opie Collection - Gloucester
 Roberts, David
 Roberts, Frederick - in the Boer War
 Roberts, Gilbert
 Robespierre, Augustin - and Napoleon
 Robespierre, Maximilien
  - and the Jacobin club
 Robey, George
 Robin Hood
 Robinson, Mary - president of Ireland
 Robinson, Thomas - and Castle Howard
 Robinson Crusoe - by Defoe
  - brief account
 Robot - abolished in Habsburg empire
 Rob Roy
 Robsart, Amy - and Robert Dudley
 Roca, Julio - president of Argentina
 Rocafuerte, Vicente - president of Ecuador
 Rochdale - Cooperative Movement
 Rochester (Kent)
 Rochester, Lord
 rock (rock candy)
 rock cake (in Britain)
 rock-cut architecture
 Rockefeller, John Sr - Northern Securities
 rockery (in gardens)
 Rocket - in the Rainhill trials
  - Liverpool and Manchester railway
 Rockingham Castle
  - council in 1095
 Rock of Ages (hymn)
 Rocky Horror Show
 rococo - offshoot of baroque
  - brief account
 Rocroi - battle in 1643
  - and Gwen John
 Rodmell - Virginia Woolf
 Rodríguez, Andrés - in Paraguay
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