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 Ring a ring o' roses
 Rinuccini, Ottavio - librettist of Dafne
 Rio de Janeiro - reached by Vespucci
  - becomes capital of Brazil
  - transformation in early 20th century
  - peace conference in 1942
 Riot Act (1715)
 Ripley, Thomas - Houghton Hall
 Ripon - the monastery and Willibrord
  - brief account of town
 Ripon Falls - reached by Speke in 1862
 Risorgimento - movement to liberate Italy
 Risorgimento - newspaper by Cavour
 Rites Controversy - over Confucianism
 rites of passage - in primitive religion
 Ritorno d'Ulisse in patria - by Monteverdi
 ritual - in primitive religion
 ritual murder - charged against Jews
 Ritz, César - Savoy Hotel
  - at the Ritz
 Ritz Hotel (London)
 Rivals (Sheridan)
 Riva-Rocci, Scipione - develops sphygmomanometer
 Rivera, Fructuoso - president of Uruguay
 River War - by Winston Churchill
 Rizzio, David - and Mary Queen of Scots
 RNLI (lifeboats)
 roads - in ancient Persia
  - Roman
  - in the Inca empire
  - Telford and McAdam
 Road to Wigan Pier (Orwell)
 Roaring Meg - Londonderry
 Roast Beef of Old England (Hogarth)
 Robben Island - and Nelson Mandela
 Robbia, Luca della - in Pazzi Chapel
 robbing Peter to pay Paul
 Robert I, king of Scotland
  - brief biography
 Robert II - king of Scotland
  - brief biography
 Robert III
 Robert le Bougre - inquisitor
 Robert the Bruce
  - campaigning for his brother in Ireland
  - brief biography
 Robert Curthose - and Henry I
 Robert the Englishman - and early clocks
 Robert of Geneva - Clement VII
 Robert the Strong - and the Capetian dynasty
 Robert Opie Collection - Gloucester
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