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 Princes in the Tower - Edward V and Richard
  - brief account
 Princes Street (Edinburgh)
 Princess Royal (title in Britain)
 Princeton, battle of - in 1776
 Principia Mathematica - by Newton
  - tour through time
 Prior Analytics - by Aristotle
 prism - and Newton
 prison conditions (in British history)
 Prisoner, The (TV series)
 Pritchard, John
 Pritchett, V.S.
 privateers - and the Spanish main
 Private Eye (magazine)
 Private Lives (Coward)
 Private Member's Bill (in Britain)
 privatization - from the 1980s
  - in Britain
 privy council - and Provisions of Oxford
  - in Britain
 PRM - in Mexico
 Profumo Affair
 Progressive Encounter - party in Uruguay
 Progressive party - in 1912
 Prohibitory Act - of 1775
 proletarians - in Roman republic
 Prometheus - in Greek mythology
 Promontory - and the transcontinental line
 Proms (concerts in Britain)
 Prontosil - the first sulphanilimide
  - effective in puerperal sepsis
 propaganda - and early printing
 prophets - in the Old Testament
 Prophetstown - destroyed in 1811
 proprietary colonies - in British America
 proscenium arch - the first
 proscriptions - of Sulla in 82 BC
 Prospect Hill - and the Grand Union Flag
 Prospect of Whitby (Wapping)
 prostitutes - enforced hospitalisation in 16th century
  - get their own hospital
 protector (in Britain)
 Protectorate (1653-9)
  - and Commonwealth
 proteins - first stirrings of life
 Protestant - origin of name
  - at first restricted to Lutherans
 Protestant martyrs - under Mary I
 Protestant Union - in 1608
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