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 Plautus - Roman playwright
  - and intermezzi
  - and Molière
 Players Theatre - and music hall
 Playfair, William - National Gallery Scotland
  - Royal Scottish Academy
 playing cards - origins in China
  - in Europe
 'Play up! Play up!' (Newbolt)
 plebs - in Roman republic
 Pléiade - Ronsard and his circle
 Pleistocene epoch - identified and named
 plenary indulgences - from AD 1095
 Pleven - battle in 1877
 Pleydell-Bouverie, Katharine - potter
 Plimsoll line
 Pliny the Elder - and the Canary Islands
  - and rabbits
  - his death at Pompeii
 Pliocene epoch - identified and named
 Plotinus - and Neo-Platonism
 plough - origins
  - first use
 ploughing - and strip-farming
 Plovdiv - and the uprising of 1876
 plumed serpent - Quetzalcoatl
 plus fours (garment)
  - and Shakespeare
 Pluto - surface temperature of planet
 PLUTO (pipe line under the ocean)
 Pluto and Proserpina - by Bernini
 plutonists - in geology
 Plymouth, Devon
  - bowls on Plymouth Hoe
  - and bone china
  - offers warm welcome in 1940
 Plymouth , New England - in 1620
  - merged with Massachussetts
 Plymouth Brethren
 PNR - in Mexico
 Pnyx - meeting place of ecclesia
 Pobble who has no Toes (Lear)
 Pocahontas - and John Smith
  - brief biography
 pocket boroughs - before the Reform Act
 pocket watches - and spiral balance spring
 Podebrady, George of - king of Bohemia
 podestá - in Italian communes
  - and The premature burial
 Poema de mio Cid - Spanish epic
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