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 Patience (Gilbert and Sullivan)
 Patna - ancient Pataliputra
 Patrick, St - and Christianity in Ireland
  - brief biography
 Patriotic Front - in Rhodesia in 1976
 Patriots - in the American Revolution
  - in Netherlands in the 1780s
 Patroclus - in the Iliad
  - boxing match at his funeral
 Patton, George - Sicily in 1943
  - and D-day
 PAUL, Saint
  - tour through time
  - Epistles
 Paul I - emperor of Russia
 Paul III - and the Catholic Reformation
  - and the Council of Trent
 Paula - and St Jerome
 Pauline chapel - and Michelangelo
 Paulinus, St - of York
  - first archbishop
  - St Peter's School
 Paul of Thebes, St - Christian hermit
 Paulus, Friedrich von - at Stalingrad
 Pausanias - Spartan general
 Pavia - capital of the Lombards
  - battle in 1525
  - and Spanish arquebusiers
  - as a turning point in history
 Pavlov, Ivan - experiments with artificial survival
 Pavón - battle in 1861
 pax Britannica (the term)
 Pax Mongolica - and the Silk Road
 Pax Romana - in the reign of Augustus
 Paxton, Joseph - at Chatsworth
  - brief biography
  - the Great Exhibition
  - and the Crystal Palace
  - Emperor Fountain
  - Mentmore Towers
 Payne, J.H. - Home, Sweet Home
 Paz Estenssoro, Victor
 Paz Zamora - president of Bolivia
 Pazyryk - earliest carpet
 Pazzi - banking family in Florence
  - palace in Florence
 Pazzi Chapel - in Florence
 Pazzi conspiracy - against the Medici
 PC 49 (radio)
 PCT - in Congo
 PDCI - in the Ivory Coast
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