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 Orwell, George
 Osaka - castle in 1583
 Osama bin Laden
 Osborne, John
 Osborne House
 Oscar I - king of Sweden and Norway
 Oscar II - king of Sweden and Norway
 Oseberg - Norwegian ship burial
 Ösel - ceded by Denmark to Sweden
 O'Shea, Kitty - and Parnell
 Osiris - Egyptian god
  - restored by Isis
 Osman - and the Ottoman Turks
 Osnabrück - and peace of Westphalia
 Ospedale degli Innocenti - Brunelleschi
 Ospedale di Santa Spirito - founded in Rome
 Ossian - and Macpherson
  - brief account
 Osterley Park, London
 Ostia - early Roman colony
 Ostmark - Austria in 1938
 ostracism - in Athens
 ostrich - domesticated
 ostrich feathers - in African trade
 Ostrogoths - 3rd century AD
  - and Arianism
  - invade Italy
  - and Sicily
 O'Sullivan, John - and Manifest Destiny
 O'Sullivan, Timothy - and Gettysburg
 Oswego - in French and Indian War
 Oswiu - king of Northumbria
 Otakar II - prince of Bohemia
 Othello - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Othman - the third caliph
 Otho - Roman emperor
 Otho - king of Greece from 1832
 Ottawa - becomes capital city of Canada
 Otto I
  - and Poland
  - brother-in-law of Hugh the Great
  - defeats Hungarians on the Lechfeld
 Otto II - Holy Roman emperor
  - and Géza
 Otto III - grandson of Otto I
 Otto of Bavaria - king of Greece from 1832
  - tour through time
 Ottoman Turks - origin
 Ottonian emperors - and manuscripts
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