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 O'Higgins, Bernardo
 O'Higgins, Kevin - and the Free State
  - assassinated in 1927
 Ohio - statehood in 1803
  - and the National Road
 Ohio river - explored by La Salle
 Ohio valley - Adena and Hopewell culture
  - claimed by French in 1749
  - in the French and Indian War
 Oh What a Lovely War (musical)
 oil - in Venezuela
 Oil Crisis (1973-4)
 oil paints - contrast with tempera
 Oil Rivers - name for the Niger delta
 Oise - crossed by Germans in 1940
 Ojeda, Alonso de - and Venezuela
 Ojukwu, Odumegwu - and Biafra
 Okello, Tito - in exile with Obote
  - and Obote's return to power
 Okinawa - battle in 1945
 Oklahoma - and the run
  - and statehood in 1907
 Oklahoma City - origin as tented town
 O-Kuni - and kabuki
 Olaf - king in southern Sweden
 Olaf I - king of Norway
 Olaf II - king of Norway
 Olaf IV - and the Scandinavian kingdoms
 Old Bailey
 Old Believers - and Russian Orthodoxy
 Oldcastle, John - Lollards
 Old Codgers
 Old Comers - or Pilgrim Fathers
 Old Contemptibles
 Old Czechs - political party
 Oldenburg - annexed by France in 1810
 Old English - or Anglo-Saxon
  - and Beowulf
 Old English - in Ireland
 Old Hundredth
 Old Ironsides - the frigate Constitution
 Old King Cole
  - and Colchester
 Old Kingdom - in ancient Egypt
 Old Moore's Almanack
 Old Mother Hubbard
 Old Mother Riley
 Old Parr
 Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
 Old Sarum - as a rotten borough
  - and earl of Chatham
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