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 Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square
 Nelson Mass (Haydn)
 Nelson Monument - and Calton Hill
 Nemean games - in Peloponnese
 Nemo me impune lacessit - Thistle
 Nennius - and King Arthur
  - in Britain
 Neo-Destour - formed in 1934
 neo-Gothic (in Britain)
 Neolithic - division of the Stone Age
 neolithic and palaeolithic - the dividing line
 neolithic clothes - and the man in the ice
 Neolithic Revolution
 neonatal intensive care - development in 20th century
 Neo-Nazis (in Britain)
 Neo-Platonism - and Plotinus
  - and St Augustine
  - and the Renaissance
 nepotism - and popes
 neptunists - in geology
 Neri, Philip - and the Oratory
  - and the imperial family
  - as organist
  - competes in the Olympic games
  - performs in Athens
  - related items
 Nero Caesar - son of Germanicus
 Nero Drusus - stepson of Augustus
 Nerva - Roman emperor
 Nesbit, Edith
 Ness, Loch
 Nestorians - spreading from Persia
 Nestorius - bishop of Constantinople
 netball (in Britain)
  - tour through time
  - and canals
  - and curling
  - and the pound lock
  - War of the Austrian Succession
  - in the French revolutionary wars
  - and early socialist parties
 Netherlands, Austrian - from 1714
 Netherlands, kingdom of - from 1815
 Netherlands, Spanish - from 1579
  - tour through time
 Neto, Agostinho - president of Angola
 Neuilly - treaty of 1919
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